We offer chemical dependency counseling, family counseling, individual counseling, group counseling, relapse prevention, intensive outpatient (IOP), outpatient (OP), anger management, drug and alcohol  instant saliva testing, and court approved DUI assessments and treatment. We also offer a day and evening court approved IOP treatment schedule. Our clinicians specialize in substance abuse disorder counseling services. We are committed to helping you and your loved ones overcome many issues related to addiction.

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We offer for first time offenders who qualify a court approved Alcohol and Drug Information School (ADIS) class, which is an eight hour course that addresses how alcohol and drug addiction affect the body and mind.

We offer anger management, and self esteem groups as well. We offer substance abuse counseling and education for parents and family members.

The court ordered Deferred Prosecution Program is a two year treatment program that meets all state and court ordered guidelines for those that have been awarded deferred prosecution for a DUI in Washington State. We have a Marysville location to serve you. Call today to hear about our schedule times and groups available.

Marysville location to serve you.

By emphasizing unconditional positive regard, and complete acceptance to all our clients, our clients are able to express their emotions without fear of rejection. This allows our clients to gain a clearer understanding of their own inner thoughts, perceptions and emotions that will promote change. Call for an appointment today we have a location in Marysville. We are highly compassionate and are available for day, evening and weekend appointments. Most insurances are accepted.

Our Treatment Approach:

  • As a client-centered substance abuse therapists, our counseling approach is to accept all clients for who they are, and display support and care no matter what the client is facing or experiencing.
  • We emphasize unconditional positive regard. As therapists, we incorporate complete acceptance and support to all our clients by creating a climate of unconditional positive regard. Our clients are able to express his or her emotions without fear of rejection.
  • We also believe in always being Genuine with our clients and their families. This means we will share our feelings honestly. By modeling this behavior, we can help teach our clients to also develop this important skill.
  • We strive to display empathetic understanding to our clients. We believe in being reflective, and acting as a mirror of the client’s feelings, thoughts. The goal of this is to allow the client to gain a clearer understanding of their own inner thought, perceptions and emotions.

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