Is your teen often withdrawn, depressed, or angry? Failing at school, acting out at home, causing you sleepless nights? I know it’s hard to see your child hurting when they refuse to tell you why. You fear the worst. Parenting was easier when they were small. Kids today are dealing with their feelings in ways that create more problems – self harm, drugs, bullying, sexual pressures are all too common. You’re afraid, and I’m here help your teen and you deal with the difficult emotions, and unhealthy choices spurred by peer influences or poor judgment.

Solutions are possible for the problems of defiant behavior, family conflict, attitude adjustment, and other issues that are making your family miserable. There is hope.
Call today for an appointment. Appointments are available by days, evenings and weekends. I look forward to helping you and your child live a happy and successful life.

My Treatment Approach:

  • As a client-centered therapist, my treatment approach is to accept all clients for who they are, and display support and care no matter what the client is facing or experiencing.
  • I emphasize unconditional positive regard. As a therapist I incorporate complete acceptance and support to all my clients by creating a climate of unconditional positive regard, my clients are able to express his or her emotions without fear of rejection.
  • I also believe in always being Genuine with my clients and their families. This means I will share my feelings honestly. By modeling this behavior, I can help teach my client’s to also develop this important skill.
  • I strive to display empathetic understanding to my clients. I believe in being reflective, and acting as a mirror of the client’s feelings, thoughts. The goal of this is to allow the client to gain a clearer understanding of their own inner thought, perceptions and emotions.





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